5 Essential Skills for Independent Living

Rosie's Love and Care

Living independent at best, is a long journey for people having disabilities. Although there are many difficulties, living independent is an achievable goal. It takes many small steps, many contributions come from not only the person themselves but also from external supports such as family members, support services, friends, etc.

Besides family members, it is important to choose a support service willing to commit and support you with dedicated care combined with professional knowledge.

Rosie’s Love and Care is proud to contribute to every step of our clients in their unique journey, especially in five aspects that we believe are essential for independent living goals. We encourage self-practice for high-functioning individuals and support for low-functioning individuals.

  1. Personal Care: Taking care of yourself is the very first step. Personal care includes personal hygiene, dressing, showering, toileting, etc. We support people with low functioning and encourage self-practice for those who have potential or are working to achieve their goals.
  2. Cooking/ Preparing healthy meals: Cooking is one of the essential skills and also an enjoyable activity. Our cooking class is designed to focus on practising cooking skills such as using knives, cutting, mixing, stirring, preparing ingredients etc, while enjoying delicious recipes from East to West. We also support preparing hot meals for low-functioning clients as requested.
  3. Money and budgeting skills: for participants that can understand concepts, we support them in learning how to use money using scenarios and real experience.
  4. Community access independently: community access can include planning your trip, using public transport and asking for help when needed.
  5. Understanding/Making your own decision in career goal: Career is an important goal for anyone, but for people with disabilities, it is a significant meaningful step. Not only about independence but also about meaningful contributions to society.

We work around each participant’s goals and ability to support achieving as much independence as possible.

“We pride ourselves on being a part of many life-changing journeys. Seeing our client’s improve little by little every day is a meaningful inspiration to our work.” - Rosie Nguyen, Director of Rosie’s Love and Care shared with passion.


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