CareChoice nurses enable Jeffrey to thrive

CareChoice creates bespoke nursing programs to support NDIS participants with complex medical requirements in their home environment. We work collaboratively with allied health teams to set up a program that will support these participants for long-term success.

We recruit a team of enrolled nurses (ENs) with experience in the participant’s specific medical condition/s. These nurses work alongside a team of support workers to meet the client’s daily support needs. We provide skilled and timely care to our clients while promoting their independence and involvement in care decision making.

A registered nurse (RN) provides oversight for one hour every day and is contactable after hours to support the team in delivering positive health outcomes.

Jeffrey* is in his early 50s and has early onset Alzheimer’s disease. He also has a range of serious medical conditions and has survived numerous life-threatening infections in both his lungs and kidneys. Jeffrey lived with his parents for more than 50 years until they were no longer able to care for him and then he spent more than a year in hospital.

In late 2020, CareChoice designed a bespoke nursing program for Jeffrey including catheter care and medication administration. He is thriving in his current circumstances.

“Despite multiple visits to intensive care unit and being critically ill for weeks at a time, (he) has survived and continues to thrive in his current circumstances … This team has exponentially improved the life and wellbeing of (Jeffrey). There is a very strong multidisciplinary team of NDIS support workers, public advocate, lawyer, nursing staff, GP, community health, and a range of allied health professionals wrapped around (Jeffrey) in a way that allows him to have the best quality of life,” she said.

We’re keen to assist more people who require higher level care to move out of the hospital environment and start living a more independent life with reliable nursing and disability supports.

An advocate for Jeffrey’s family said once the CareChoice team started caring for Jeffrey, he began to make positive progress.

We are able to support clients with multiple and complex needs such as:

• Diabetes Type 1 & 2
• Intellectual disability
• Acquired brain injury
• Cerebral Palsy
• Dementia
• Younger onset Alzheimer’s disease
• Complex seizure management
• Motor neurone disease

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