Danny Met Sally: how we upskill participants to lead independent lives

At Danny Met Sally, our purpose is to change the world for the better for people living with a disability. We are a national premium disability services provider, which means we are continually working on elevating the standard of care across the board.

We employ more than 500 support, administration and client care staff across Australia, and we’re continuing to grow. Working across all areas of the disability community and healthcare sector, we continue to revolutionise care for those who need it the most.

Upskilling to support independence

Everybody should be able to live an independent, happy life. Enhanced life skills, Supported Independent Living, and support in general everyday tasks helps foster independence, which is why we work tirelessly with our participants and their families to provide whatever support is needed to reach those goals.

Our staff are handpicked because we all have the same mission – providing the same level of care you’d expect for your sibling or your best friend. By engaging with top quality support staff, they are then able to provide top quality support to those who need it. This fosters independence and works to remove or reduce barriers to people living the life they want.

The Danny Met Sally difference

Above all, we at Danny Met Sally pride ourselves on being able to customise our care to the individual participant’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all, and we work tirelessly to ensure we can provide the best service for those that need it most.

The quality of care we deliver at Danny Met Sally is high, and it’s for clients, staff and everyone in between. Our premium care services are tailored to each individual person to make sure our clients can live their lives to the fullest as independently as possible, and when you work with us, you know you can look forward to a positive mindset, a listening ear and a commitment to wellbeing.

Experience the Danny Met Sally difference for yourself and learn more about our disability support and disability housing options.

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