Did you know that you can directly employ people you already know and trust as your Support Workers?

Carer Solutions

For over 10 years Carer Solutions have been providing Australia’s first and only service for directly employing Support Workers.

When seeking Support Workers, directly employing people you know and trust is an option for all. While that’s all well and good, but the idea of figuring this out on your own is just too tricky for most.

Our unique Direct Employ service ensures that you can employ who you want, while we cover all the admin and your obligations as an employer.

You get total peace of mind, so you can do you.

Our unique service enables you to:

  • Employ people suitable for your needs
  • Determine the pay rate with your Support Workers – agree on the best rates for you and them
  • Be in control of who you want to employ and when
  • Our expert team manage your payroll and compliance obligations
  • We keep you across the latest updates from the NDIS and our community

And we now offer our Personalised Plan Management service nationally.

To learn more about our services, please visit: https://carersolutions.com.au/