Instacare Invaluable for NDIS Beginners


Things can be confusing and a little overwhelming when you are starting out with the NDIS. Instacare can help you from the start. Give us a call and ask us to send you our free Planning Workbook or have a chat to our team about how you can plan for your NDIS meeting.

What is Plan Management? It’s a budget line item on your plan, you can request to have it included in your plan, it doesn’t cost you anything and it doesn’t take funds from the rest of your plan. Plan Management with Instacare is like having your own personal accountant who manages your funds and pays your bills, giving you more time for the important things. You also have our team available and ready to answer your questions, and we won’t think it’s a silly question – we understand how confusing things can get!

What are the advantages of Plan Management with Instacare? We are an experienced, NDIS registered provider. We have no waitlist so you can get started with your plan straight away. More choice and control over your funds – your providers don’t need to be registered with the NDIA so if you already have a therapist you’ve been seeing for years, then you won’t need to change! Every invoice received on your behalf is emailed through to you along with monthly budget reports so you can keep track of your funds. Our caring, helpful team are readily available to you over the phone or by email. We pay invoices quickly, so your providers are happy too!

So, what is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination? A Plan Manager will help with managing the financial side of the plan and paying the bills. A Support Coordinator can help you work out which services you can use and help you find the right ones for you. Once again this is a part of your plan, it doesn’t cost you anything and it doesn’t come out of your other funds. All of our Support Coordinators at Instacare come from varied professional Allied Health backgrounds, meaning their knowledge base is vast. They collaborate daily as they strive to help their participants get the most from their plan.

Wherever you are in your NDIS journey, the team at Instacare is ready to hear from you. Get in touch on 1300 002 221 or log onto our website for online signup or to submit an inquiry. Better yet, why not talk to our team at the Melbourne Disability Expo, 22 and 23 November, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Door 8? Register to attend. Free entry.