Meet Simon – Tee Care Agency

“Through 43 years, living with an invisible disability was a journey marked by challenges, confusion, and self-discovery. From childhood, I grappled with overwhelming emotions, meltdowns, and a constant need to fit in. Masking became my coping mechanism, concealing my struggles even from myself. Social situations were particularly draining, requiring immense effort to read cues and maintain a sense of safety. Despite this, there was a reprieve with my best friend, where authenticity thrived until societal pressures strained our bond.

‘Especially, as I grew older, I sought identity /in movies and TV shows, often shifting interests, leading to a lack of self-recognition. School life was marked by disruptive behaviour, contrasting with my deep respect for education. At 16, I left home, seeking independence while battling substance abuse to quiet the turmoil within.

Entering a detox facility at 22, I found solace in religion, becoming a devoted monk, but burnout plagued me. Marriage and family life added another layer of complexity, as I struggled to balance my spiritual commitments and personal responsibilities. Meltdowns escalated, leading to a severe breakdown, hospitalization, and eventual separation from my family.

Diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, I navigated various treatments and medications, searching for stability. Eventually, a psychologist suggested undiagnosed Autism and ADHD, a revelation that brought both relief and understanding. Accepting my neurodivergence, I started unmasking, embracing my unique traits.

Post-diagnosis, I applied for NDIS funding, gaining access to Tee Care Agency. Their assistance was transformative. They aided in daily tasks, teaching me life skills, accompanying me to social events, and providing a sense of belonging. Their unwavering support became a lifeline, easing my journey toward self-acceptance.

This journey, marked by struggles and triumphs, is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the importance of supportive communities. Tee Care Agency became my extended family, offering not just assistance but genuine companionship. With their support, I learned to navigate a world not designed for neurodivergent individuals, empowering me to embrace my true self, unburdened by societal expectations. The impact of Tee Care Agency on my life has been immeasurable, transforming my existence from one of isolation and confusion to a path of self- understanding, acceptance, and genuine connection. In their presence, I found not just assistance but a sanctuary where I could be authentically and unapologetically myself.