Why HCA Home is Different From Other Providers

HCA Home

Once you’ve received your NDIS plan and looking for a provider, the last thing you want is to be put on the end of a long waiting list. With the NDIS being so new to the industry, other providers are struggling to keep up with the demand. These delays leave participants unable to access all the services they are funded for due to the limitations of resources.

No waiting lists

Healthcare Australia (HCA), Australia’s leading healthcare agency provider, has invested heavily since 2016 to design and create a service to benefit the community through personalised, reliable care, and most importantly, fast speed to service. We call this service HCA Home. In our first 12 months of delivering NDIS services, our customers on average received their requested care within two to four weeks. The number of weeks varied depending on which state a customer lives in, being; approximately two weeks in NSW, three weeks in VIC, three weeks in QLD, four weeks in SA and four weeks in WA depending on the roll-out schedule for each area.

45 years experience

You may be wondering how HCA Home can have no waiting list and fast speed to service. The answer is in our ability to leverage HCA’s 45 years of experience, our existing workforce of over 10,000 support staff as well as streamlined and specially designed processes that have been developed specifically for our NDIS customers. This means we can be agile and provide an end-to-end service that is truly tailored to meet your needs. We have consultants available 24/7 to answer your NDIS inquiries, help find you the right fit based on skills, hobbies, age and a pool of capable support workers to help you reach your goals.

Real people

We believe the human touch is an important part of delivering care while maintaining individual choice and control. We are transparent and open in our communication from day one, meaning you can trust we will deliver on what has been agreed in terms of care. Some providers don’t have this advantage and often lack both the processes and staff to deliver your care required under the NDIS. Unfortunately, many customers have had to compromise when and how they receive their care based on the provider’s availability and resources. Some move customers’ shifts to run on the provider’s schedule, and in worst cases, not being able to provide staff at all with little or no notice.

We can only imagine how stressful being left high and dry can be, that’s why we always ensure we discuss with you in advance what your preferred services are to offer transparent and honest feedback on what can or cannot be delivered. This includes aligning your requests with the availability of your preferred support workers because your comfort is important to us and we will always do the best we can to deliver on your choice and control.

Are you looking for a new provider?

Whether you’ve just received your NDIS plan and on the hunt for a good provider or unhappy with your current provider and looking to switch, we can support you.

Call 1300 422 111 or email us to book a free consultation with our team. We will do our best to get back to you within the next 24 hours. Or better yet, come talk to our team at the Melbourne Seniors & Disability Expo on Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 November, Melbourne Exhibition Centre.