Will the NDIS fund this? Understanding ‘Reasonable and Necessary’

You are looking to purchase an item, join a class or access a service that you think will be a great addition to your life. The question is… will the NDIS fund it?

The NDIS can fund many things, but not everything. Your NDIS funds can only be used to pay for services or items that are considered ‘Reasonable and Necessary’.

What is considered ‘Reasonable and Necessary’?

If you can answer YES to each of these 6 questions, the NDIS is likely to fund your request.

  1. Is this a product or service you need due to a disability?
  2. Does it help you meet your goals?
  3. Is it reasonable value for money?
  4. Is there evidence that this product or service is effective?
  5. Is this something that you wouldn’t be able to receive from your family or the community?
  6. Is the NDIS the most suitable funding scheme to pay for this support?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, there is a chance that your request will not be funded. If this is the case, your plan manager can assist you to explore other options.

Your Personal Plan Manager can answer your questions about what’s ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ and much more.

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